Getting Started With AI

You know your business will be transformed by AI soon. That is why you’re here.

What you might not know is how to get started, what AI can be used for in your business, or how to implement a particular machine learning algorithm. No need to worry: We have 150 AI and Machine Learning experts to help you.

Our Getting Started with AI package is designed to show you how you can use artificial intelligence to automate, maximise efficiencies and generate value within your company.

1. Structure Data

Understand what different data sources can be merged.

Learn how to build an integrated database.

Get data engineering advice.

2. Identify Opportunities

How can the machine learning algorithm help?

Understand what questions can be answered with machine learning.

Identify the processes that can be automated with machine learning.

3. Learn & Optimise

Become self-sufficient in using data science and machine learning in your business.

Clear up the jargon: What is the difference between machine learning & data science?

4. Deliverables

A portfolio of powerful machine learning projects to choose from for your organization.

A roadmap of how to get started with machine learning and AI.

Tools for Machine Learning & Data Science: R, Matlab, Python: scikit-learn library.

AI In Business


AI has the potential to automate manual processes in your business and increase your efficiency and revenue.

Create predictive models which predict the future for you. Financial institutions, for instance, can determine who will default on their loans.

Get valuable insights on your customers by applying clustering and segmentation methods. Our pool of experts will help you collect, analyse and visualize data for better business decision making.

Allows you to predict the outcomes of your investments using forecasting. Our data scientists will deliver solutions in risk modelling, time-series or financial decision making.

You can not only identify behavioural patterns and habits of your target market but also cause behaviour change. This area draws on research in psychology and behavioural economics.

Our experts can help you with the best optimisation solutions – may this be for efficient route optimisation and logistics, optimising physical space or product ranges, supply-chains or scheduling.

Unlock data science opportunities with the help of Brainpool. Work with us by filling out the contact form.

Who We Are

Dr. Paula Parpart

Director of Data Science

PhD in Computational Cognitive Science, UCL

MRes in Computer Science, UCL

MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences, UCL

Kasia Borowska

Managing Director

5 Years as B2B Marketing Manager

MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences, UCL

BSc in Mathematics, Greenwich University

Dr. Peter Bebbington


PhD in Physics and Astronomy, UCL

MRes in Financial Computing, UCL

MSc Complex Systems Modelling, KCL

MPhys Physics, UOM

Dr. Laura Weis

Project Manager

Professional Consultant in SNA

PhD in Business Psychology, UCL

MSc in Psychology, Aberdeen

Prof. Philip Treleaven


Who We Work With

“As part of one of our sales digitalisation projects we needed to classify customers and prospects based on an algorithm that included route optimisation logic. Brainpool team was very efficient and found a consultant for us within a couple days. The consultant worked with us on site for 10 days and was able to frame the problem, cleanse and organise our data and calculate the answer. The business liked the new insight and as a result we ended-up building this directly in our pricing tool.”

Arthur Goujon, Digital Operations Manager, Suez Environnement

Brainpool gave us the expertise we needed to complete an urgent project for one of our biggest clients. It is our go-to place for AI and Machine Learning experts.

Justin Ibbett, CEO at Focal Data