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Our AI package is designed to help you identify where you are on your AI journey. No matter what stage you are at, we help you realize the potential for AI in your business. We deliver an honest diagnostic of your business and demonstrate value with short proof-of-concept AI projects.

AI In Business

Experts in the Brainpool have years of experience implementing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms across different industries. Their expertise covers the majority of key data science areas.

Who We Work With

“As part of one of our sales digitalisation projects we needed to classify customers and prospects based on an algorithm that included route optimisation logic. Brainpool team was very efficient and found a consultant for us within a couple days. The consultant worked with us on site for 10 days and was able to frame the problem, cleanse and organise our data and calculate the answer. The business liked the new insight and as a result we ended-up building this directly in our pricing tool.”

Arthur Goujon, Digital Operations Manager, Suez Environnement

Brainpool gave us the expertise we needed to complete an urgent project for one of our biggest clients. It is our go-to place for AI and Machine Learning experts.

Justin Ibbett, CEO at Focal Data

Whilst planning our strategy to develop an AI and Machine Learning practice we recognised the involvement of top grade Data Scientists would be essential to success. In this we could not be happier with the partnership that has flourished with Brainpool. In a number of key customer workshops the skill and insight from the Brainpool team has delivered significant value in how the client could gain business advantage through AI.

Greg Lee – AI Solutions Consultant, Meridian IT (UK)