Brainpool manages a pool of more than 200 top-level data scientists and AI experts in the UK and worldwide. Experts come from top research labs at universities and are made up of industry professionals, PhDs, post-docs, Master students and professors and from top labs around the world. Brainpool gives access to AI experts to everyone.

Brainpoolers are carefully vetted.
Our experts do cutting-edge research.
Our experts have worked at places such as DeepMind, Palantir or Facebook AI.

Where the Brainpoolers Come From

Who We Are

Dr. Paula Parpart
Founder, Director of Data Science

PhD in Computational Cognitive Science, UCL
MRes in Computer Science, UCL
MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences, UCL

Kasia Borowska
Managing Director

5 Years as B2B Marketing Manager
MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences, UCL
BSc in Mathematics, Greenwich University

Dr. Peter Bebbington

PhD in Physics and Astronomy, UCL
MRes in Financial Computing, UCL
MSc Complex Systems Modelling, KCL
MPhys Physics, UOM

Dr. Laura Weis
Project Manager

Professional Consultant in SNA
PhD in Business Psychology, UCL
MSc in Psychology, Aberdeen

Abraham Gilbert

AI in Healthcare - 20 Years Experience
NLP Expert

More than 200 AI and ML Experts

Eric, PhD

Machine Learning

Neil, PhD

Artificial Intelligence

Andrés, PhD

Social Network Analysis

Zbigniew, PhD

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning