Artificial Intelligence

We are entering the Smart Machine Age, which is highly likely to disrupt human processes over the next ten years and beyond. There is, no doubt, a rapid automation of life around us.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business is particularly booming—in owners’ attempts to make efficiency gains, reduce operational costs, enhance customer experiences and ultimately generate revenue. In years past, organisations have solved business problems with data. In years to come, AI applications are likely to solve problems with available data on a scale no one would expect.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a collection of technology that allows systems and machines to understand and learn. AI is software that does what humans do but faster. Many fields fall under the umbrella of AI, such as computer vision, robotics, deep learning, and natural language processing. Experts and laypersons, alike, regard AI technologies as something that will likely transform many industries in ways we have never before seen.

Accessible Labour and Infrastructure for Businesses

Organisations, specifically businesses, can connect AI with their data and day to day working environment with the help of Brainpool. Our matching platform empowers you with business growth by flexibly working with our experts and minimising your labour and infrastructure cost. There is no need to hire in-house AI solutions providers. In addition, we ensure that our data scientists are capable of thoroughly analysing customer requirements and delivering high-standard industry applications to meet business needs.

Whether your business falls under Finance, Retail, Marketing or Healthcare, Insurance or LawTech, artificial intelligence has a spectrum of uses. Brainpool is your vehicle to designing, implementing and integrating this technology into your business environment, as well as to bringing your ideas to life.

Accessible Ideas for AI Experts

At Brainpool, we make AI more accessible to businesses and ideas more accessible to data scientists, AI scientists and artificial intelligence companies in the UK. We provide data scientists to organisations, helping them overcome big challenges and creating new value by combining imagination with the power of machine learning.

Artificial intelligence firms will have the opportunity to collaborate with AI experts, cultivating ideas and delivering high-performing results. These AI experts will participate in implementing full lifecycle machine learning solutions from requirements analysis and technical design to development, testing and deployment.

Built on breakthrough advances in AI, Brainpool delivers a simple and flexible platform for organisations to infuse intelligence into operations, products and services. For data scientists and AI architects, Brainpool provides a simple platform to locate exciting projects. To join our community, fill out the contact form.