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By Laura Weis on 25-04-2018

Machine Learning Manager


By Laura Weis on 17-04-2018

“…no formal organization will operate effectively without an accompanying informal organization”. Individuals do not stop being social beings when working in organizations. For the vast majority of today’s workforce, work is interaction. We receive information, process it, and transfer it as knowledge to other people. Thus, knowledge sharing has become a crucial organizational concern, not only due to the increased significance of knowledge work, but also due to the recognition that tacit ‘‘implicit’’ knowledge is more valuable compared to explicit ‘‘formal’’ knowledge to the innovation process. Consequently in modern organizations, the organizational chart is often no longer a sufficient and accurate guide to how work gets done.

Can simplicity win over complexity?

By Brainpool on 28-03-2018

Founder of Brainpool.ai Paula Parpart’s research explores why sometimes simpler algorithms can outperform more complex algorithms. Is less more? Paula develops a Bayesian inference framework for heuristics in cognitive science, and a side product is a new machine learning algorithm inspired by the cognitive solution - a regularization tool that can be applied by data scientists in other disciplines (Parpart et al., 2017). Read further to find out how the regularization algorithm can be useful for predicting portfolio performance as well as helping doctors make decisions.

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