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By Laura Weis on 25-04-2018

We are hiring an experienced full-time Machine Learning Manager  to join our team in London.

Brainpool is expanding really fast now and our network has over 250 top level data scientists in UK, Europe, US and Asia. The clients we work with come from all different industries, and our main mission is to find new applications of cutting-edge AI research in business. The position we are currently looking to fill is Machine Learning Manager in London, and the person that joins us will receive shares in the business, a basic salary and a commission on every project delivered. You would be joining our start-up as part of the core in-house team, helping us manage client relationships, build teams of data scientists, come up with innovative ML solutions across industries and ideas on how to commercialise AI research that people in or network are working on. Your would learn a lot and must be able to quickly apply newly attained knowledge to novel situations.

Key requirements are:

Technical skills:

  • Machine Learning – focus on machine vision, deep learning, or NLP
  • Excellent skills with standard ML software, database infrastructure & cloud computing, e.g. Python, R, Matlab, Tensorflow/Keras, AWS, SQL
  • Graduated with a PhD or MSc in the above fields and experience with consulting projects

Project Management skills:

  • Project management & client leadership - experience in writing proposals for AI/ML projects
  • Ability to find applications for ML algorithms to solve business problems across different industries. Ability to think flexibly and desire to work on unfamiliar topics too
  • AI/ML consultancy experience


  • Salary + project bonus (~£40.000)
  • Company share

If you would like to find out more, message contact@brainpool.ai or call 0203-393-2630 .

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