There is a rapid growth in real-time and nearly real-time data. This creates a pressing need to monitor, process, manage and interpret complex, large-scale datasets, and transform that data into informed decisions.

The scale of this challenge is so big that you cannot afford to simply dive in and hope—you need an optimisation strategy to handle the deluge of data.

At Brainpool, we offer optimisation services in the UK. We have a network of highly competent data scientists who, together with the right infrastructure, can help you gain new insights into your customers, operations and partner networks. This expertise can also help you make better business decisions that deliver a truly differentiating competitive advantage.

Thorough Assessment and Competitive Data Optimisation

How does our pool of data scientists do it? They study your business and investigate the computational & networking challenges associated with modern information and communication paradigms. They then deploy, manage and optimise your data in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Our service also includes:

  • Determining and formulating appropriate approaches to solving a range of optimisation issues
  • Creating optimisation models commonly used in the client’s industry, whether that is Finance, Retail, Marketing or Healthcare
  • Creating and solving data envelopment analyses

From start to finish, our optimisation company in the UK will provide you with a service of managing the entire process on your behalf as well as the guidance to maintain your environment.

In addition to optimisation, we measure infrastructures, from the ground up, and forge connections between targeting, analytics, testing and optimisation. Our service, in a nutshell, refines data insights, boosts ROI and increases customer value.

High-Level Expertise, Knowledge and Experience

With our scientific approach to all things digital and the understanding of data, we have a deep knowledge of what works in the world of optimisation and data science.

The optimisation expertise of our data scientists includes data analytics, machine learning, dynamic modelling, Bayesian optimization, reinforcement learning approaches, complex systems and network analysis. They know how to form optimisation problems, and how to make their formulations efficient through index sets and arrays. This brings a level of expertise to every project that ensures the best results.

Leverage expert knowledge and achieve optimal efficiency with Brainpool’s optimisation services. Fill out the contact form to start working with us.