Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing

Modern marketing relies on an in-depth understanding of customer needs and preferences, and then the ability to act on that knowledge quickly and effectively. The ability to make real-time, data-driven decisions has brought AI to the forefront for marketing stakeholders.

AI brings an opportunity for a dynamic and hyper-personalized marketing strategy, reducing the amount of unpleasant and pushy adverts and delivering customer-centric, quality brand experience, increased campaign performance and greater efficiency of your marketing operations. 


Applications of AI in Marketing


AI-driven dynamic advertising

Programmatic advertising powered by machine learning presents an opportunity to dynamically change your adverts and website content according to the type of customer seeing it.
• Higher advert accuracy
• Increased CTR and Conversions

Content Creation

Natural-language generation holds tremendous potential in making the work of content creators more efficient.
• More quality content
• Higher relevancy to your target audience groups

Precision Targeting

On going campaign analysis with machine learning enables you to continuously learn about your customer, making target audience groups narrower and messaging more accurate over time.
• Higher Targeting accuracy
• Increased efficiency of your marketing budget

AI-powered customer insights

Thanks to advanced tracking methods we now have information on customer online behaviour, demographics, hobbies, food and music preferences, wealth, location and more. Data overload makes it impossible for humans to accurately find behavioral patterns, which is easily achievable for a machine learning system.
• Better understanding of your target audiences
• Informed marketing strategy

Machine learning provides an opportunity for a personalised experience for your customers.

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