Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy Development

Designing a robust artificial intelligence strategy requires a deep level of technical knowledge and industry expertise, as well as understanding of the tools, ML libraries and data necessary to build a solution or a product.

Scoping programme

Brainpool is not a supplier, the relationships we build with our clients is of a trusted partner. It is not possible to build a workable AI product without the thorough understanding of the industry and business coming from the client.
This is why we start every engagement with an AI Scoping Programme, a 2 week collaborative process where Brainpool’s AI project manager works closely with the client and their technical team to design a solution that will work in practice.

Scoping programme aims to find the best possible solution to achieve your business objective with AI, and develop a step-by-step guide to achieve it.

We combine your business knowledge with our expertise to build an AI strategy and roadmap. Throughout the AI Scoping Programme we analyse your data, existing software and tools, in-house technical skills and existing off-the-shelf solutions that may be used to reduce the project cost and difficulty of implementation. As a result of the scoping we provide you all the information needed to move forward and develop the solution with confidence.

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AI Proposal

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Product Roadmap

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