Work smarter, not harder. Let AI do the repetitive and manual work so your team can focus on creative tasks to take your business one step further.

Intelligent automation helps our clients grow and exceed their customers’ expectations through maintaining high quality of products and services whilst cutting operational costs and overheads.​

To introduce automation in your organization you need technical expertise, deep knowledge of AI product development and a systematic step-by-step approach. Having built AI products for dozens of clients in the past Brainpool experts can guide you through the whole journey – from start to finish. ​


Brainpool's approach to successful AI and ML product development

Brainpool’s approach to product development applies a lean, agile and iterative design philosophy designed to de-risk investment, validate technical feasibility and inform subsequent development phases and accelerate development time.

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After building a robust strategy throughout a scoping programme, the early development stages are based on concept validation through a Proof of Concept (PoC). Once the initial idea is validated, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is built to collect initial feedback from users and make sure it matches the requirements. Ensuring human – AI collaboration is crucial to successful adoption of AI. After internal sign-off of the MVP, the last step is to ensure the product can be scaled
according to organisational requirements.

Here are few automation examples delivered by Brainpool