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London, United Kingdom
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Brainpool is a global network of over 400 Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning experts. Members of our community are at the forefront of some of the most innovative areas of research in AI and ML. We try to find new applications of this research in business to solve challenges faced by our consultancy clients.

We are looking for a community manager that will help us activate our network of experts. We want to make sure that every one of our members understands the value of being a part of the Brainpool network, and contributes to our overall success.

The person we’re looking for ideally matches the below criteria:

• Bachelor of Science degree

• A ‘people person’ – love to meet new people, interact, engage in conversations

• Communicative and elaborate

• Likes to socialise, likes events, enjoys organising parties

• Full of ideas, hobbies, interests

• Keen to learn from others

• Interested in AI and ML

The role in question can become as big as you make it. Our ambition is to become the most renowned global community or artificial intelligence experts, and we are hoping the community manager will play a crucial role in achieving this.

Some of the key responsibilities will include:

• Getting to know every member of our community, initially though zoom or socially distanced activities

• Getting familiar with areas of research and interests of Brainpool members, and try to leverage that knowledge on our owned media channels

• Help us find the right candidates for consultancy projects

• Ensure our members are familiar with the benefits of being part of Brainpool, and make sure all Brainpoolers’ profiles are up to date

• Organising AI events, competitions, conferences and parties for members

• Awarding the stock options scheme for the most active Brainpoolers

• Any other activities that you come up with to keep the Brainpool network active

If you’re excited about getting involved in a start-up and meeting a few hundred super smart people that you can learn from and engage with on a regular basis then go ahead and apply. We are looking for someone to stick around with us and help us grow the business over the coming years. If you do well we will offer you stock options in Brainpool on top of the salary.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Location: Remote/ London

Salary: £20,000 - £25,000 pa

Benefits: Stock options allocated after the vesting period