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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

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About Brainpool

Brainpool AI is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services Company powered by a global network of over 500 AI experts.

Intelligent automation helps our clients grow efficiently and impress their customers with high quality products and services achieved thanks to reduced operational costs and overheads.

Our Vision: A partnership between Artificial Intelligence and Humans. AI solutions designed to free humans from manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks to allow people to focus on things that matter.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for an experienced machine learning engineer and consultant with at least 5 years professional experience and a good track record of developing and delivering machine learning projects. Brainpool builds bespoke Artificial Intelligence Solutions for clients across variety of industries, e.g. finance, manufacturing, construction, government, healthcare, and retail. We are looking for a person who is confident and has know-how to advise clients on a strategy for development of a variety AI and Machine learning solutions.

Ideally, the candidate should be comfortable working with python as a backend language and to deliver code in well tested CI/CD pipelines. In addition, the candidate must be comfortable using docker to containerise web-applications that can be delivered to Kubernetes clusters or Serverless Deployment (such as AWS Lambda).

You will work as part of a growing team of Machine Learning experts. The role is remote, but there may be a requirement to travel to the UK, Canada and US for client projects and whenever necessary to collaborate with the team.

Required Experience
  • 10+ years experience in developing AI solutions - AI strategy development for corporations
  • AI project management experience (project delivery, managing teams of data scientists)
  • Minimum B.Sc in Machine Learning, Computer Science, Engineering, or a relevant field
  • Experienced Python Developer (fluency in C++ and/or Go is a plus)
  • Experienced in concepts like object-oriented programming and test-driven development
  • Confident with technologies like cloud-computing (AWS, GCP, and Azure), containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm) and version control (git)
  • Experience in Intel’s OpenVino framework for inference time and model deployment (OpenVino Model Server)
  • Experience with infrastructure as Code, such as, Terraform or Pulumi
  • Experience building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines for web-applications
  • Good communication, leadership, and team-working skills
Key Responsibilities
  • Perform AI scoping programmes for new clients and build AI and Machine Learning product development strategies
  • Manage teams of data scientists to ensure efficient project delivery of a PoC and MVP
  • Help with maintaining Brainpool web servers and deployments on AWS
  • Help build web-application backends for Brainpool’s products and servers
  • Work in scrum/agile environment (daily updates)
  • Perform assigned daily tasks and respond immediately to issues/problems
  • Involved in unit/integration testing frameworks and practices

Expected Start Date: April/June 2023

Expected Working Pattern: Full Time

Location: Remote/Hyrbid for those in Greater Manchester

Salary: £60,000 - £95,000 based on experience level