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Case Study
LLM in Freight Investment

LLM in Freight Investment

Brainpool team of AI consultants designed a strategy to integrate the "Freight GPT" AI system into the Freight Trading Platform to improve its functionality and efficiency.

The AI model was designed to accurately price each shipment based on various data points available, such as shipping congestion, seasonality, cargo types.

AI assistant will disseminate information to users, with an initial focus on specific ports in the South China Sea and another undisclosed location.

LLM for Parking Ticket Appeal Process Automation

Our UK-based client asked us for help with automating manual and time-consuming process of reviewing and approving/rejecting parking ticket appeals.

Brainpool team designed an automated bot which talks to the parking ticket holder to advise them on the local parking regulations in each of the UK regions and makes a decision on whether an appeal should be accepted or rejected based on available decision tree for the specific location.

LLM for automated Press Release and Reporting

Our client’s team currently spends 3-4 hours a day manually researching articles and writing press release content for their clients in the Life Sciences sector.

Brainpool team designed an LLM-based system that automate the manual content production and generate press releases based on the specific data uploaded for each client account.

The tool is estimated to reduce time spent on manual content production by 50%.

LLMs for Customer Services Automation

Automation of customer services call centre report processing with Large Language Models.

Our client provides repair services for home appliances in the UK. Brainpool’s team of AI experts have developed a LLM-based system that detects what part of a home appliance (e.g. washing machine) is broken, based on the call center report.

Based on this analysis an engineer can bring the right part to fix the appliance on the first visit. Thanks to LLMs the client improved the accuracy of their predictions from 50% to 80%.

LLM-powered Quotations and Reporting in Construction

Our client wanted to reduce time spent on providing manual quotations for their customers in the construction sector.

We designed an LLM-based system that uses the past 10 years of historical data on customer accounts and quotations, to automatically find the most optimal design given a brief and produce quotes for new clients.

Thanks to AI all new team members will have instant access to expert knowledge of construction engineers and architects in their company.

Case Study
Marketing Platform Semantic Search

Marketing Platform Semantic Search

Throughout the Scoping Programme Brainpool team designed a Semantic Search system allowing Client's market research platform to instantly find relevant information within vast amounts of historical data and a cross various document types

Brainpool Al and engineering experts are supporting the Client team with implementation of the Al capability within their in-house platform.

Information Extraction for the big 4 accountancies

Natural Language Processing can help extract information across a variety of documents such as Word, Excel, PPT, Emails, PDF to maximise work efficiency and document processing speed.

We designed the strategy for a development of such platform for a forensics department at one of the top 4 accounting firms (confidential).

Case Study
HSBC Project Pulse

HSBC Project Pulse

Brainpool provided Al experts for project pulse which aimed to build the first cash-flow prediction app for SMEs in the UK. Our PhD-level experts built forecasting models and mobile application components that were implemented into the app.

Unfortunately, the project got cancelled due to Covid-19.

Enhancing Existing Software with Machine Learning

Brainpool team helped Kx Systems data scientists build open-source Machine Learning libraries into one of the most broadly used financial technology in the world called kdb+.

Users were able to call ML models from within their time-series database software, allowing for higher level of automation.

Case Study

Sentiment Analysis AI Test Drive Platform

In 2022 Fujitsu commissioned Branpool to build its AlaaS platform. The first product capability that was incorporated into the platform is a Sentiment Analysis tool that allows brands to measure sentiment towards their offering.

For more information go to: https://www.fujitsu.com/emeia/products/data-transformation/data-driven/ai-test-drive/

Case Study
Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

Temporal Fusion Transformer (TFT) models are being used to predict item-level demand to a high level of accuracy. Make sure your stock and operational resources a r e accurately measured and planned for according to the predicted demand

Using TFT we were able to achieve a high level of accuracy of less than 10% MAPE (Mean Absolute Percentage Error) when predicting demand for a US-based restaurant chain.

Machine Vision System to Detect Electric Vehicles

Brainpool team developed a machine vision system that can identify electric vehicles in large datasets of CCTV data from cameras placed o n European motorways.

The project is in progress with an objective to optimise the allocation of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Who we work with

Our network of 500 data scientists enables us to work across a range of industries including Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Marketing, Manufacturing, Construction and more.​

What they say about us

We invited Brainpool to participate in the initial definition workshop for Fujitsu’s AI ecosystem in Europe. They really brought a level of knowledge and enthusiasm to the session. All stakeholders were thoroughly impressed with their experience in machine learning projects and their business model & agility – I would not hesitate to recommend them!

Leigh Schvartz Head of Product Innovation, Fujitsu UK

We were really impressed by the Brainpool team, they understood what we wanted to achieve and explained how to build exactly what we wanted. Brainpool.ai built a working model that was easy for us to replicate and scale

Roshan George Founder and CEO of WithCREED

We needed to classify customers and prospects based on an algorithm that included route optimisation logic. The consultant was able to frame the problem, cleanse and organise our data and plan the solution.

Arthur Goujon Digital Operations Manager, Suez Environment

The Brainpool.ai team has been instrumental in developing the CarbonFixer; they were fast and passionate and have created something very robust that we can soon launch to market.

Eli Gould US Representative at Quebec Wood Export Bureau

Their rigour and determination to use AI and ML to solve problems in order to help small business customers was second to none. Without a doubt, I will absolutely keep this mind for future endeavours and recommend Brainpool network for projects looking for cutting edge AI talent.In this we could not be happier with the partnership with Brainpool.

Ameet Benegal Director, HSBC Global Commercial Banking

We absolutely love working with the Brainpool team and would highly recommend their services to anyone with serious interest in machine learning development. We have been thoroughly impressed with their knowledge and work ethics.

Mark Sykes CTO at First Derivatives