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Having a global network of over 300 top-level data scientists allows us to work with a wide range of clients across industries: from Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Marketing to Manufacturing and Construction.

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A Global Marine and Energy Company

The client wished to address the following question: How can we generate more value from analytics? Areas for analytics in the company involve improving customer satisfaction and sales, optimizing engine performance in ships and power plants, better predicting down-times of engines, and optimally leveraging sensor data for real-time monitoring.

Solutions Used?

Getting Started with AI audit

AI Diagnostic

How Did We Do It?

We delivered a strategic diagnostic of the use of analytics in the company. Brainpool consulted on how existing data teams can be better managed to gain maximum value from analytics, helped identify untapped opportunities for AI and ML in the business, and uncovered existing inefficiencies in data access, data science processes and technology use. Brainpool’s final delivery was a portfolio of 4 feasible AI proof-of-concept projects that can demonstrate value, with a practical guide for next steps.

Finding an Optimal Expansion Strategy

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UK Waste Management Company

Waste management trucks have to drive to many pick-up locations in one day in London and the rest of the UK. The client wanted to know how can they decide which new pick-up sites they should service in order to minimize distances and save time and money: Which new sites should they add to their portfolio of service stations?

Solutions Used?

Route Optimisation

Network Modelling

How Did We Do It?

We developed an algorithm that lets the client decide which pick-up sites are most efficient to service, using geo-locations of the existing and new sites and optimization models. An easy-to-use dashboard tool lets client make an informed decision about what sites to serve on a day-to-day basis.

Enhancing Software with ML Libraries

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Kx Systems

The leading provider of in-memory, time-series database technology, Kx Systems offers high-speed processing of real-time, streaming & historical data. The technology is being used by a large proportion of the biggest banks in the world. Our task is to enhance it with ML capabilities.

Solutions Used?

Neural Nets Libraries

How Did We Do It?

We have catalogued all the popular existing ML libraries for NN and came up with a strategy for prioritisation of the implementation into Kx Systems software, Kdb+. We then built the API, tested and benchmarked to ensure the library works seamlessly for all different data sources. The outcome of the project is a working library of neural nets algorithms that can be used within Kdb+.

Training Your In-House Tech Team

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Major UK Retailer

One of the top 3 UK retailers needed help in training their in-house junior data science team on the new machine learning algorithms and their applications. In a few day training the data science team was able to solve some of the problems they’ve been tackling for months and advance their analytical power.

Solutions Used?

Theory sessions to clarify misperceptions of AI and ML

Practical training on ML tools

Applying ML to real business problems

How Did We Do It?

The project involved a senior data scientist from the Brainpool network to mentor and teach new machine learning approaches to the client’s junior developers (Bachelor and Master graduates). The selected data scientist has a PhD in Machine Learning and several years experience at Google DeepMind and Facebook AI. Training involved theoretical classes as well as teaching the junior data team advance coding techniques in R, Python and SAS, javascript D3 for data visualizations (D3.js) and Natural Language Processing.


100% success rate to date

As part of one of our sales digitalisation projects we needed to classify customers and prospects based on an algorithm that included route optimisation logic. Brainpool team was very efficient and found a consultant for us within a couple days. The consultant worked with us on site for 10 days and was able to frame the problem, cleanse and organise our data and calculate the answer. The business liked the new insight and as a result we ended-up building this directly in our pricing tool.

Arthur GoujonDigital Operations Manager, Suez Environnement

Whilst planning our strategy to develop an AI and Machine Learning practice we recognised the involvement of top grade Data Scientists would be essential to success. In this we could not be happier with the partnership that has flourished with Brainpool. In a number of key customer workshops the skill and insight from the Brainpool team has delivered significant value in how the client could gain business advantage through AI.

Greg LeeAI Solutions Consultant, Meridian IT (UK)

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