Data Migration & Engineering​

More than ever, data must be accessible, useable and insightful to create business value. Data migration, the process of selecting and transferring data from one system to another, is a critical step to this goal that many organisations struggle with.​

Data migration is a must for organizations seeking to reduce cost, improve efficiency, scale operations or looking to leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in the future.​

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Our Migration Services​

The right infrastructure will depend on your unique business needs. Brainpool can assist with adoption of fit-for-purpose infrastructure: be it cloud, on-premise or hybrid.
Skills & Expertise​


Brainpool performs
on-premise server to cloud and cloud-to-cloud migration to take advantage of big data web services.
Skills & Expertise​


Brainpool provide
custom services for migrating databases
to new servers
or to new
on-prem storage.​​
Right Projects​


via micro-services
which can be
delivered via cloud
or on-prem​
Right Projects​


and analyse
data in real-time
from devices,
sensors and

Benefits of Data Migration​

Data migration represents immense opportunity and benefits for organisations.​
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Remove redundant and obsolete data​
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Reduced CAPEX, data management and storage costs​​​
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Better leverage data to deliver tangible results​
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Consolidate, modernise and upgrade applications​​ ​
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Streamline and automate business processes​
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Ensure comprehensive data integrity​​​​
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Cost effectively scale and grow​​
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Infrastructure capable of supporting AI/ML​ ​

The Data Migration Process​

Data migration is complex and not without risk. That's why Brainpool leaves nothing to chance and manages the entire data migration process end-to-end.
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Business Understanding
  • Understand the business operations,
    objectives & priorities
  • Assess feasibility & viable options

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Scope and Plan
  • Analyse data and infrastructure
  • Develop a strategy 
  • Build a roadmap​
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Solution Design​
  • Solution design and
  • Test

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Execute & Validate​
  • Extract​
  • Cleanse​
  • Load
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• Validate migration (source vs destination)
• Decommission legacy infrastructure​
• Monitor​

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