Signal as a Service

Brainpool’s team of PhD-level AI experts built an algorithm which predicts movements in the financial time-series.

Here are some insights into the results…

Sharpe Ratio




Avg. Win / Avg. Loss

 +0.316/ -0.176

* Results based on GBP/USD 1sec and 3sec predictions in Jan/ Feb 2019.

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We are currently building an API through which we will give our clients access to Forstack signals.

What’s so special about Forstack?

A team of PhD-level AI experts with over 20 years of experience in finance developed a cutting-edge stacking methodology which enabled us to achieve better prediction accuracy and sharpe ratio than what’s already out there.

The Brainpool infrastructure consists of:

Data Input

Data Pre-Processing Tool

Cutting-edge Algos

Pool of AI Experts

Secure Results Delivery

Coming Soon…

Here are the features Brainpool engineers are currently working on:

  • Richer set of performance metrics
  • Backdated insights
  • Longer predictions
  • Hosted through REST API and web socket
  • Real-time signals fed directly to our clients machines