Predictive Analytics​

Predictive analytics data helps companies anticipate future events or scenarios and plan accordingly. This allows business leaders to make more informed business decisions based on near-future and long-term trends in their data.​

Brainpool can build solutions that can generate high-value predictions across many different industries and scenarios, for example: ​​

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Manufacturing and automotive: machine data for predictive maintenance​​​

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Retail and e-commerce: customer demand, sales forecasting and churn prediction​​

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Financial and banking: cash-flow prediction for strategic planning​

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Marketing​ and advertising: optimised campaign planning​​


Out in-house time-series prediction tool Forstack can be adapted to most of these common areas.​​ ​

Benefits of Predictive Analytics​

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How to Build a Predictive Analytics Pipeline​

Here are some of the key elements to consider​
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