Proof of Concept Factory​

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is an early-stage version of a product created to test and validate the feasibility of an idea. POCs provides a low-risk, cost-effective and real-world demonstration of the technology; allowing for performance to be assessed and learnings to be acquired through experience, interaction and feedback. The results from this stage provide opportunity for an informed evaluation as to whether development should proceed, the requirements and deliverables.

​ Having an efficient way of building a PoC is the only way to de-risk your investment and ensure you turn your AI initiatives into success. Specifically, a good PoC allows you to:

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A common mistake made by companies is hiring a single data scientist to validate an AI strategy and build a PoC. Unfortunately, very few data scientists have the suite of engineering and DevOps skills necessary to make a PoC a success. And those that do come with exctremely high recruitment costs.

Brainpool team of data scientists, engineers, frontend, backend, DevOps, industry experts will build your PoC confidently and cost-efficiently at the same price as an average recruitment cost to hire
a single data scientist. A PoC development team typically consists of:

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Brainpool teams have helped clients from a range of different industries build PoCs and validate their ideas in the past. Before going to the trouble of hiring your own in-house team, have Brainpool prove that it will work and de-risk you future investment.​