Customer Segmentation
Improve customer segments and targeted advertising using machine learning segmentation methods (e.g. cluster analysis, k-means, Nearest Neighbour). Classify customers using Supervised Learning Models, find new audiences using recommendation systems increase the efficiency of your media spend.

Behavioural Analysis

Find patterns in the way customers interact with your brand by using predictive modelling and forecasting. Optimise conversions, increase customer satisfaction.

Social Media – Early Opportunity Detection

Analyse real-time Twitter and Facebook data streams to capture current sentiments concerning brands, products or adverts. Get a head start on sentiment outbreaks to uncover important opportunities and avoid PR crises.

Sales and Marketing Integration

Build an easy to navigate interface to measure an integrated impact of sales teams and marketing campaigns. Track direct correlation between media budgets and number of products sold.

Influencers Strategy

Improve efficiency of your campaigns using social network analysis. Find audience most susceptible to the message, and use this audience to amplify the impact of your campaigns. Find and target.

Implicit Survey Design

Improve accuracy of surveys by using established psychological tools and test instruments, such as gamification. Learn about your audience to make informed decisions.

Neuroscience (Beta)

Optimise website usability and impact using eye tracking methods too. Investigate consumer’s perception of adverts using brain imagining (fMRI) analysis.

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