Custom Artificial Intelligence
Solutions for Your Business

Empower your business with Artificial Intelligence.
Brainpool’s AI experts build your AI strategy and develop bespoke,
fine-tuned AI solutions to automate and enhance your manual business operations.​

Grow Your Business with AI

Impress your customers. Outsmart your competition.​


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PoC Factory to validate
your idea cost-efficiently
and confidently.​

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Reduce time, cost and resources whilst maintaining high quality products and services.

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Optimise and scale
your cloud based AI
solutions efficiently.​

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Case Study: AI-powered automation drives down operational costs

AI-powered timber floor design tool

“We think it will increase our productivity by about 100%, so we will get twice as many floors designed as we could do with the resources we have.”

Dr. Luke Whale, Technical Director Staircraft Group

Artificial Intelligence
built by Humans

The global network of 500 AI experts

Brainpool is an artificial intelligence consultancy specialising in developing bespoke AI solutions for business.

We are a pool of 500 data scientists - academics and professionals - leading the frontiers of AI development. Brainpool AI provides access to these experts on a project basis as well as AI consultancy services.

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Your access to AI and Machine Learning research

Bridging the gap between academia and business

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All our projects follow a best-in-class approach; having the best people plan and implement the right solution that delivers on your business needs.​

Benefits of Working with Brainpool

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AI Expertise

PhD-level and MSc-level AI experts with track record of applying AI in business.​

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Wide range of skills: data scientists, front and backend engineers, AI, ML and DevOps experts

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Efficient development of AI solutions thanks to instant access to top-level experts.


Brainpool has a network of 500 artificial intelligence and machine learning experts. We are attracting new “Brainpoolers” every day and this number is constantly growing.
Brainpool has a global network of experts spanning 23 countries, with a particularly strong footprint in the UK, Western Europe and Canada.
Brainpool has experts in nearly every area and discipline of data science, ranging from simple statistical methods, though machine learning algorithms to sophisticated Artificial Intelligence systems. The areas Brainpool members are strongest include machine vision, deep learning, neural networks, GANs, Natural language processing, recommender systems, genetic programming and various mathematical optimisation methods.
Whatever your AI business needs are, we are confident that we have an expert in our network.
For any given project, Brainpool undertakes the following process:
1.As an outcome of the scoping program, Brainpool identifies the different roles and the requisite knowledge, skills and experience needed to deliver the project requirements
2.We identify and interview potential candidates in the Brainpool network
3.We present candidates to the client to be interviewed and approved
4.If necessary, repeat 3 until our client is satisfied with our recommendation
5.Project is approved and signed-off by the client. Proceed to implementation stage

Who We Work With

Our network of 500 data scientists enables us to work across a range of industries including Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Marketing, Manufacturing, Construction and more.​


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Understanding AI and Machine learning can be overwhelming.
That's why our team of AI experts are here to provide the guidance and clarification you need to build an AI solution before commencing a project.
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