We Solve Business Problems with Artificial Intelligence

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How can AI help your Business?

We build bespoke AI solutions to help your company automate, optimise and extract insights to improve your products and services
Here are some examples.
  • Fraud Detection
  • Forecasting Returns
  • Automated Loan Underwriting
  • Predict Churn
  • Optimal Store Design
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Data Integration
  • Hyper-Customisation
  • Early Diagnosis
  • Automated Administration
  • Triage Prediction
  • Automated Tool Design
  • Proactive Fault Detection
  • Process Optimisation
  • Design Optimisation
  • Logistics
  • Information Sharing

Next Time Be Ready

Brainpool's response to COVID-19
Use Artificial Intelligence to predict and prepare your business for future crisis.

Artificial Intelligence Consultancy​

Brainpool is an artificial intelligence consultancy specialising in developing bespoke AI solutions for business.

We are a pool of 300+ data scientists - academics and professionals - leading the frontiers of AI development. Brainpool AI provides access to these experts on a project basis as well as AI consultancy services.

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Bridging the gap between academia and business

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We bridge the gap between academia and business, giving your business access to industry leading AI experts.

All our projects follow a best-in-class approach; having the best people plan and implement the right solution that delivers on your business needs.​

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Expertise in every area of AI

Brainpool has access to leading minds in every data science discipline, all around the world.​ Wherever you are and whatever your business challenge, Brainpool can support you.​

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Full-service solution

Need to build your knowledge of AI?​
Need a complex project resolved urgently?​
Not sure what you need?
Brainpool has all your AI needs covered.

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Act at speed​

The world moves fast.
We do too.​
We recruit the experts and assemble your project team in 3-7 days.​

Our Services

We provide end-to-end AI services to empower your business transformation, supporting every stage of your AI journey.

​Themes of AI

Our Products

We build products that transform industries.​
daisy product


Automate the construction design process​
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Forstack Product


Identify patterns in financial time series​
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Infrastructure to support scalable product deployment​
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Our Best-In-Class Approach

We follow a best-in-class approach to deliver high quality machine learning solutions and business outcomes.
What is our best-in-class approach?​
Industry Professionals​

Industry Professionals​

Qualified professionals with industry experience​
Skills & Expertise​

Skills & Expertise​

Experts in their specialisation​
Right Projects​

Right Projects​

Experts in their specialisation​


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