Making investment decisions is not easy; we see Artificial intelligence feature in nearly every start-up pitch deck. Making investment decisions requires expert knowledge of AI to evaluate the quality of the new technologies that are being built by your portfolio companies.

Being an investor in Brainpool AI gives you access to over 350 AI experts in our network, some of whom are leading the research in areas like Deep Learning, Machine Vision, Convolutional Neural Networks, GANs, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Genetic Programming.

As an investor, you will get:

  • Access to Brainpool’s State-of-the-Art Research Events, where members of Brainpool present their latest research in AI and Machine Learning
  • Exclusive Q&A portal where you can ask the most pressing questions about AI
  • Investor’s Free Consultancy where you can get initial advice on how to apply AI to solve a particular business challenge (over a call or in a 1:1 meeting, depending on location)

If you want to get access to our Exclusive AI Portal for Brainpool Investors, join our mission to revolutionize corporations with AI through Seedrs platform:

Looking forward to seeing you on board!