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We provide end-to-end AI services to bring your business onto the next level, independently where you are in your AI journey. From training your in-house team, scoping Machine Learning projects, building strategy all the way to deployment.

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Train Your In-house Team

Brainpool Innovation

Plan Your ML Projects

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Why use Artificial Intelligence in Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables organisations to work faster and smarter, doing more with significantly less. Thousands of organisations worldwide already use AI to increase productivity and efficiency with amazing results.

AI is the design and development of computer systems that can perform tasks which usually require human intelligence to undertake. Tasks such as understanding natural language require innate human skills that are extremely difficult for computers to model and solve.

AI is still very misunderstood, to many it appears to be a complex and mysterious technology. There is still considerable confusion about what it means and what it can do or will do. Prophecies of robots taking over the world are stretching what is or will be possible.

Do you know if it’s AI?

  • If the programme can see and identify what it sees, then it likely uses computer vision or image processing
  • If it can respond to spoken or written words, commands or questions, then it likely uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) or speech recognition
  • If it makes decisions based on patterns it has identified in the data, then it’s Machine Learning The above are functions of AI.

Brainpool Solutions

Best-in-class AI solutions developed by expert data scientists at Brainpool.

Process Automation

Natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision can help perform some of the time-consuming manual tasks for you:

  • Read and understand documents
  • Summarise long pieces of text
  • Generate reports
  • Automate communication processes
  • writing minutes from meetings
  • analysing images and finding patterns
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Finding an optimal solution for a problem with many variables under constraints can be a very expensive process, often resulting in inefficiencies. Some of the areas we specialise in are:

  • Designing an optimal construction plan
  • Optimising yield of manufacturing processes
  • Stock optimisation for retail
  • Finding an optimal marketing strategy
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Safety and Security

Machine Learning provides the most effective and cost-efficient ways of protecting your business. It can help with areas such as:

  • Fraud detection
  • Reputational risk
  • Corruption
  • Bribery
  • Solving disputes
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Auditing & Improving AI Solutions

Understanding Artificial Intelligence solutions requires in-depth knowledge of the mathematical models behind the AI algorithms being used. Our PhD level academics have the background knowledge and skills to audit existing AI solutions through:

  • Eliminating bias from data
  • Testing alternative ML solutions
  • Cross-checking results of NN against other ML algorithms
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Brainpool Innovation

Scoping programmes designed to explore specific ML opportunities available to your business.

Scoping programmes

1 Day


Explore AI Opportunities and tools that can be used

3 Day


Explore Data Infrastructure and find AI solutions that can be applied in your organisation

6 Day


Develop a step-by-step guide to implement various AI solutions in your business.

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Scope a project across time, money & people

  • Gain and understanding of how ML can be used to solve your specific business challenges,
  • Develop solutions that are possible to implement within your organization given the current data infrastructure,
  • Building a strategy that supports exploration and discovery of AI solutions
  • Selecting tools and platforms that maintain a low cost of exploration,
  • The application of specific ML algorithms that will drive new business opportunities.
  • Ideas on how to best establish the AI team – who you need and what infrastructure is critical.
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Brainpool Academy

Tailored programs developed and delivered by industry-leading AI experts, using a practical approach
to learning to meet your specific needs. If you are a forward-thinking organization wanting to
boost your in-house competencies in applied ML & AI, then the Brainpool Academy is right for you.

AI fundamentals program

The AI fundamentals program is targeting non-technical decision makers who are keen to understand AI and ML in the simplest way in order to use it within their organizational context. We offer a condensed overview of key AI and ML concepts and techniques, demonstrating how these exciting new tools can benefit your organization.

The program aims to give participants the clarity and confidence to communicate with both technical experts as well as other executives and to ask the right questions that stimulate innovation and change.

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The AI BOOTCAMP is an on-site training program targeted for software engineers, data analysts focusing on skill development to achieve previously identified objectives.

It combines training in current ML tools and methods, built around a concrete use cases and data of your organization.

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Artificial Intelligence versus Machine Learning

When we talk about AI, most of the time we’re referring to Machine Learning (ML) and algorithms that need a lot of data and human intervention to be programmed in a way that enables them to perform specific tasks. Most of the time, when we talk about AI, we are actually talking about Machine Learning (ML). ML is a system that can learn by itself, based on data input, which can then be used to optimise, automate and innovate processes within the organisation. ML has applications across almost all industries. For example, Natural Language algorithms can be used for automated document processing; Machine Vision for analysing images or your visual data; Optimisation techniques for increased productivity; Stacking for AlgoTrading; and Clustering for improved audience targeting.

As Machine Learning continues to evolve, more organisations are looking for robust solutions that will improve and streamline operations. Brainpool helps organisations implement ML and AI applications by providing access to cutting-edge AI and ML research and solutions.

The biggest challenge facing an organisation embarking on AI is finding the good data scientists with the right skill sets to support their AI journey. Brainpool works with clients on a three-step engagement programme to help clients uncover what AI and ML can do for their business, before providing the skills to develop the right models and implementing AI solutions.