Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Real Estate

The real estate sector is in a great position to leverage AI and automation technologies to help agents data-backed planning, streamlining transactions, property valuation and design process automation, making it easier to find and convert the ideal customer for each property.

Being real estate an industry where bureaucracy takes up a lot of business time in sales and lending, artificial intelligence can create a seamless experience for clients and drastically accelerate processing times, enabling a growth of transaction volume whilst keeping security and reliability as priority.


Applications of Ai in the Real Estate industry


Property Valuation Forecasting

Forecasting models can analyse property and market data to predict the valuation of property in the medium to long-term, providing insights to make educated decisions.
• Better insights
• Risk optimization

Automated Due Diligence

Machine learning automation system can streamline the pre-sale and renting compliance process, resulting in less manual input and faster processing times.
• Faster turnaround
• Better client experience

Design Automation

Optimise the marketing materials and find the right customers using AI-powered photography enhancement and testing a variety of designs or room layouts automatically with generative design.
• Enhanced photography and marketing materials
• Faster customer acquisition

AI-driven Property Management

AI chatbots can handle many of the repetitive tasks involved in property management communications, providing a fast, seamless experience and cutting through bureaucracy.
• Better customer experience
• Faster turnaround time

Benefits of AI in Real Estate

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Find the right customers faster

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Automate manual processes

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Better insights, smarter decisions