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Machine Learning Engineer

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We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to join our fun and motivated team that tackles the biggest challenges in AI! This person will start by taking on an exciting new project where strong experience in DevOps is required as well as experience with LLM’s.

About Brainpool

Brainpool is an artificial intelligence start-up providing custom AI solutions with the help of its network of AI and Machine Learning Experts. Members of Brainpool are PhD-level scientists from top universities such as UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard. Brainpool provides companies with end-to-end AI solutions, starting from strategy development, planning, and finding resources all the way to implementation.

Brainpool consults for clients and partners across the public and private sectors within North America and Europe. Developing and maintaining technology solutions for SME and large publicly listed companies within financial services, construction, manufacturing, and e-commerce.

About the role

This role will involve working alongside the CTO, and a team of engineers, on various business engagements, such as client projects and internal company products. Some examples of these engagements include client scoping programmes, and PoC/MVP software development. A significant focus will be on building and optimizing Large Language Model (LLM) inferences and creating robust web services. This includes developing event-driven and request-response systems to run RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) answer generation pipelines, essential for delivering sophisticated AI-driven solutions.

Your role will require strong communication skills to effectively liaise between application and product development teams, as well as to articulate complex technical concepts at varying levels of detail. Your contributions will be pivotal in advancing the company's capabilities in LLM inferences and enhancing the overall quality of AI solutions.

Required Experience
  • Proficient in using Amazon Web Services(AWS) for cloud-based AI solution management and deployment.
  • Skilled in infrastructure as code for efficient cloud infrastructure setup using Terraform
  • Capable of orchestrating and managing containerized applications using Kubernetes
  • Experience with MLOps frameworks like Kubeflow, MLflow, Ray, and Spark is advantageous, facilitating efficient management and orchestration of machine learning workflows and scalable data processing.
  • Excellent programming skills (10 years+) in Python and/or C/C++ and familiarity with object-oriented programming.
  • Proficiency in git version control, branching, and code versioning.
  • Passionate about code quality, adhering to best practices for code quality, performance, testing, monitoring, documentation, CI/CD.
  • Experience working in an agile framework, defining functional and non-functional requirements and sprint tasks.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to communicate with both technical and commercial people.
It would also be a bonus if you have experience of the following:
  • Familiarity with model optimization frameworks such as TensorRT and OpenVINO.
  • Experience with Large Language Model stacks, vector databases, Haystack, open-source Mistral Falcon, and closed-source models like GPT-4 and Claude.
What we offer
  • A basic salary of £70,000 - £100,000 GBP (based on experience)
  • Flexible hours
  • Remote work and Hybrid (if based in Greater Manchester)
  • Stock options after a successful probation period

If this sounds like you, we look forward to your application!