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We provide end-to-end AI services to empower your business transformation, supporting every stage of your AI journey.

End-to-end​ Solutions

From ideating the approach and developing a project strategy to deploying the solution, we follow a best-in-class approach to ensure excellent project execution.​
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    What do you want to achieve through AI?​

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    Determine which AI method provides the best solution​

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How Brainpool ​Approaches Projects

Define Objectives

Exploring the opportunities available through AI is exciting; ​but it’s not all fun and games.​
A crucial step towards implementing the right solution is understanding where and how in your business AI and machine learning can create value.​
Brainpool can help, but where should you start looking?​

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Processes that are time-consuming and require extensive human involvement​
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Deriving better insights from your data
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Finding the optimal solution for problems with multiple constraints or variables
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Tasks that normally require human senses to accomplish​

Scope strategy​

The best solutions require preparation; that’s why we begin every project by undertaking a scoping programme.​
Our scoping programme is a low-risk and low-investment approach to understand your business objectives and develop a strategy for implementing AI solutions in your business.​

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Problem understanding and problem solving, identifying and prioritizing your key business objectives​
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Deep analysis of data sources, data infrastructure, software and readiness for implementation of ML​
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Development of the AI strategy and methodology​
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Full proposal and scoping of the AI project to achieve the agreed business objectives​

Implement the Solution​

Following approval of the scoping programme and project plan, Brainpool assembles a team of AI experts in order to build and implement the solution.

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Each phase is delivered by experts in the area of AI required.
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The implemented solution will follow a best-in-class approach and each project is managed by a Brainpool project manager who co-ordinates the team to ensure seamless deployment, communication and efficiency.

Our Process from Start to Finish

Initial Consultation • Define your business challenge, goals and outcomes​
• Develop topline understanding of your data infrastructure
• Make an initial evaluation regarding technical feasibility

Scoping Programme​ • Prioritise objectives based on importance and feasibility
• Analyse your business data and tech infrastructure
• Develop scoping proposal and project plan with recommendations AI/ML methodologies, infrastructure, timeline and resources

Brainpool presents project plan • Review and finalise scoping proposal
• Approve and sign-off project plan
• Interview and select candidates for project team

Project Implementation​ • Deploy the solution according to the agreed project plan
• Present results and provide training on using the solutions
• Discuss next steps

AI Fundamentals Workshop

The AI fundamentals workshop is for commercial stakeholders and decision makers who want to better understand AI and machine learning and how it can fit into their business.

Brainpool provides a condensed overview of key AI & ML concepts and techniques, use-cases and demonstrates how these applications can be applied to benefit your organization.​​

The workshop aims to give participants the clarity to begin asking questions that stimulate innovation and change and have the confidence to further explore AI within their organization.​

Interested in organizing tailored training program?​

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AI Technical Skills Workshop

The AI technical Skills workshop is an on-site training program targeted towards software engineers and data analysts.

The workshop focuses on skills development, opportunity exploration and best-practice to follow to identify and act on relevant business objectives and opportunities.​

This workshop combined training in current ML tools and methods, based on real-life use cases and data from your organization.​

Interested in organizing tailored training program?​

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Workshop Outcomes

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Overview of AI Landscape
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Opportunity Analysis
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Explore use cases​
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Define priorities
Identify Challenges
Review Usecases
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Brainstorm solutions
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Best Practice

Ad-hoc AI Support​

Already have a data science team and/or strategy?

Do you require resources on a short-term contract basis to

Provide expertise to tackle a difficult business challenge?​

Explore possible new AI applications in your business?

Provide short-term cover for an employee on leave?​

Interested in hiring our Brainpoolers on a contract basis?​

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