The global network​ of AI & ML experts​

500 artificial intelligence and machine
learning experts from around the world​

About Us​​​

Brainpool is an artificial intelligence consultancy specialising in developing bespoke AI solutions for business.​

We build teams of AI researchers creating cutting-edge AI algorithms and professionals with years of industry experience to develop and implement bespoke AI solutions for businesses.

Meet the Team

Brainpool is a global network of over 400 top-level artificial intelligence and machine learning experts.​
We build teams of AI researchers developing cutting-edge AI algorithms and professionals with years of industry experience to develop and implement bespoke AI solutions for businesses.​
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Kasia Borowska
Managing Director
B2B Marketing | MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences | UCL | BSc in Mathematics | Greenwich University
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Dr. Peter Bebbington
PhD in Physics and Astronomy | UCL | MRes in Financial Computing | MSc Complex Systems | Modelling | KCL | MPhys Physics | UOM
Dr. Chris Knight
Machine Learning Engineer
PhD in Computational Physics | Imperial | MSc in Theory and Simulation of Materials | KCL | MPhys Physics | UOL
Clayton profile image
Clayton Black
Business Development Manager
BSc in Psycology | BComm in Marketting
Priyadharshini profile image
Priyadharshini Rajaram
Full-Stack developer
MSc in Cloud Computing | UOL | MSc in Software Systems
Subu profile image
Subhusri Suresh
AI Intern
MSc in AI with Robotics | BSc in Computer Technology

The Board

Our board consists of VPs, C-suites, Partners and top Tech experts across Finance, Marketing, Healthcare and IT industries.​
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What is Brainpool?

Brainpool is a global network of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) experts that provide AI strategy and consultancy.

​Founded out of University College London (UCL) in 2016, Brainpool has grown into a network of over 400 data scientists and AI experts worldwide. Its founders and management team have leading academic and industry backgrounds in AI, ML and related topics. ​

Brainpool’s expert network of academics and professionals come from University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, Toronto and many of the world’s leading industry AI developers. This gives the company a unique perspective on some of the developments, common pitfalls and necessities in both commercial and academic applications of Machine Learning and AI.​

Why work with Brainpool?

The supply and demand gap between companies looking to recruit data scientists and their availability is estimated to be at least 50%. Brainpool's network overcomes this disconnect. Brainpool has the depth of skill to connect businesses with AI researchers that can help them get started with AI or develop specific applications of cutting-edge AI and ML solutions.

​Our network has over 400 AI and ML experts, coming from the world’s top universities, AI hubs and organisations. Their depth of knowledge and global presence means that we can help clients avoid long, complicated and costly recruitment of data scientists and to start progressing their AI and ML projects immediately.

Through Brainpool, clients can easily find data scientists that match their requirements - however niche they may be. We also enable our network to identify projects that match their skills and interests, which allows them to retain an academic research role if they desire.

Benefits of working with Brainpool​​

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Access world class mind in every data science discipline
All around the world​
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Wide range of skills
Bespoke Solutions
For any industry
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We recruit the experts
Build the teams
Recruit in 3-7 days​

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We understand that you might have questions. Please check if it is one among the below. If not please email us and we will get back to you.
Brainpool has a network of 500 artificial intelligence and machine learning experts. We are attracting new “Brainpoolers” every day and this number is constantly growing.
Brainpool has a global network of experts spanning 23 countries, with a particularly strong footprint in the UK, Western Europe and Canada.
The nature of many data science projects means that our Brainpoolers can undertake many projects remotely, even in a completely different country. For any project we undertake, we will use all relevant communication tools required to ensure that projects run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.
Whatever your AI business needs are, we are confident that we have an expert in our network.
Brainpoolers are evaluated based on their educational background, industry experience and area of expertise.
To be accepted into the Brainpool, candidates as a minimum must have a Masters’ degree in a relevant field that align with the types of projects Brainpool consults on; with data science or computer science being highly sought after specialisations. Many of our Brainpoolers are PhD qualified and possess a strong theoretical and practical knowledge of their area of expertise.
All candidates are interviewed by members of the Brainpool team to ensure that their knowledge, skill set and experience is a good match for the types of projects that we undertake and that their performance will be consistent with the Brainpool best-in-class approach – having the best people develop and implement the right solution that delivers on your business needs.
For any given project, Brainpool undertakes the following process:
1.As an outcome of the scoping program, Brainpool identifies the different roles and the requisite knowledge, skills and experience needed to deliver the project requirements
2.We identify and interview potential candidates in the Brainpool network
3.We present candidates to the client to be interviewed and approved
4.If necessary, repeat 3 until our client is satisfied with our recommendation
5.Project is approved and signed-off by the client. Proceed to implementation stage
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