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We build products that transform industries.​
daisy product


Automate the construction design process​

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Forstack Product


Identify patterns in financial time series​

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Infrastructure to support scalable product deployment​


What is Daisy?​​

DAISY is a fully automated construction design system powered by Artificial Intelligence.​

The first application of DAISY was built to find optimal I-joist floor design layouts.​​

What can Daisy do?​​​

DAISY finds the most cost-effective floor design ​in less than 10 minute​​

These efficiencies save manufacturers 5% - 10% of construction costs​​​

In the future, Daisy will be able to optimise towards reducing material wastage and improve environmental sustainability​

What is Forstack?​​

Forstack is an algorithm that predicts movements in the financial-time series between currency pairs.​​

What can Forstack do?​

Using a unique stacking methodology Brainpool achieves better prediction accuracy and sharpe ratio than anything on the market​.


Forstack processes raw data using an assortment of economic indicator functions and time horizons to identify the relationship between currency pairs and the patterns within the signals that relate to price changes and advise whether to buy, sell or hold.​​​​

In the future, Forstack will be expanded to other asset classes such as cryptocurrency .

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